I think the movie might have still been titled "Kingdom in the Sun" at this point. In this version, the village was full of colorful characters, all frighteningly cheerful and friendly, who happily adopt Kusco (might have still been Manco?) (spoiled Incan prince transformed into a llama) into their village. Kusco tells Pacha (the big guy) point blank he intends to escape from his village and destroy it, as soon as he can make it back to the palace and find a way to become human again. Pacha is just too nice to lock him up, and the villagers, oblivious to his true identity or evil plan, kill him with kindness and inadvertently foil all of his escape attempts.

Throughout the montage, we hear the song the village sings every morning, playing monotonously: "Hey everybody - it's THE SUN!! The sun is really FUN, it shines on everyONE", etc. Eventually the lyrics devolve into "Thesunthesunthesun, thesunthesunthesun, thesunthesun...".

Boarded very fast and dirty (that's what they wanted, but some color was added by the director at the last minute) - fun because there was no script or outline, I was free to come up with almost everything and anything, in the spirit of the Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons. Again, some panels are tragically missing here, and there's some confusion, because at one point, there was a gag (just previous to this scene) where one of the villagers mistakenly shears all the fur off of Kusco's backside - hence he looks like half a plucked turkey in many of the panels, but by the time Mark added color/tone, they had taken that gag out, so he tried to correct that on many of the panels. I think him being half-naked is funny, so I'm leaving those drawings in when I can. All drawings copyright The Walt Disney Company.